Monique Boileau

I’m an ambitious, self-directed artist and curator. I moved to LA three years ago from South Florida to pursue a career in the arts. Today, I support myself as an independent artist and the executive curator of LA’s best-attended art walk.

 I promote the arts in all their forms as executive curator of Mar Vista Music & Art Walk in Los Angeles, California. I've studied with artists Carrie Anne Baade and Amanda Sage, and hold a Bachelor of Arts from Florida State University. I've painted and exhibited at galleries and festivals in the US, Mexico, and Europe.

I paint surreal landscapes and portraits influenced by natural sciences, life as a festival painter, environmental awareness and spirituality. Nature and mythology influence my work pretty heavily, as well as the bright candy colors of the festival scene.

If I had to choose a style, I'd call my work Magical Realism. Lately, I've been working on portraits of friends and artists who are in my life right now; my living, breathing inspirations. It's a crazy time to be an artist, and I want to capture the amazing experiences I'm having.