Vanessa Rivera

Vanessa Rivera is a Los Angeles based artist with an education in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California. Rivera’s work is a mixture of abstract expressionism, figurative and digital painting. She uses color as a language to create an emotion in the viewer whether it’s in her solely abstract work, or in preparation for a story in her figurative paintings. Rivera uses her signature halo triangle to bring all of her styles together and collectively speak on the overarching theme in which she portrays the human experience, while also shining light on the pure spiritual nature of humanity. In her time as a professional artist, she has worked on impactful projects with brands such as Adidas, Branded Arts and Dame Dash Studios. Rivera’s work has been exhibited throughout Los Angeles, including the USC Roski Lindhurst Gallery, the Fisher Museum, LAUNCH Gallery, Gallery 38, Art Share LA, Dame Dash Studios, Buckwild Gallery, Palazzo Vagnotti in Italy and many more.